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Contract Disputes and Litigation

Breached contracts happen every day and can have serious legal ramifications for all parties involved. Contracts are a fundamental aspect of every business because we must all depend on others to fulfill their contractual obligations. This may be businesses, suppliers, or customers. When one party fails to abide by contractual agreements, it can seriously affect other parties in the contract.

The Law Office of Robert Jay Gumenick understands that promises can be broken just as easily as they are made. We routinely handle matters such as broken promises, breach of contract, failure to pay, failure to perform, and default on contract terms and conditions. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience that includes simple promissory note failures to complex real estate purchase contracts. Furthermore, we have the skill and knowledge to represent you in any contract dispute or litigation.

Contractual disputes can be complex and can take many forms. This is why an attorney who can accurately assess your contract through strong and effective litigation must represent you.

We have many years of experience with giving legal advice for contract disputes and litigation, our lawyers are here to help. There is no need for you to do it alone! Give us a call today.