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Appellate Litigation

Appellate law involves various skills and strategic considerations that are different from trial practice. On appeal, the focus shifts from developing and proving facts to the legal issues that decide the case. Appellate attorneys who represent clients on appeal must scrutinize the entire record, including trial transcripts, evidence, and motions to determine the grounds for the appeal.

When drafting the issues on appeal, an appellate lawyer must do thorough legal research. He/she must also carefully analyze the legal issues with a focus on rule-making and policy considerations that form the development of law. After this, the facts and those issues and arguments are presented in a persuasive appellate brief.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced lawyers that can get the job done. The critical nature of a well-crafted appellate brief cannot be overstated. This is because appellate briefs have greater judicial scrutiny than written materials prepared at trial. A panel of judges, as opposed to a single judge, assesses them.

At the Law Office of Robert Jay Gumenick, you can rest assured that your appeal case will be handled with the knowledge of important facts that can affect your life. It is in your best interest to consult an experienced lawyer to answer the important legal questions and thoroughly review your case. Give us a call today!